Products & Services

Oviyam has ensured uninterrupted supplies to Singapore Market carrying out its obligation to all its stake holders. Singapore being a major importer of almost all the daily consumption products, the role of FMCG distribution company requires certain level of expertise in International Trade. Oviyam carry quality products from commodities, Edible Oil, food products and beverages, Pet food and Non Foods cosmetics

  Oviyam imports and distributes commodities ensuring the quality from the origin using well storage techniques / facilities to distribute pest free quality commodity to the consumers.
Edible Oil
  Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil , Corn oil, Canola oil, Sesame oil, Vegetable Oil.
  Dairy products: UHT milk, Powder milk, Fruit Juices and Powder drink, Carbonated Drink, Tea dip
Snacks and Crackers
  Toasts & Biscuits, Potato crackers, Packed Snacks & Chaats and packed dry fruits/nuts
Ethnic Food Mix
  Nirapara brand South Indian food mixes: Powders – Rice, Dosa, Iddli, Puttu
Spices plain and Condiments
  Nirapara, Pran and Prome spice powders and Masalas
Pickles: Nirapara, Haldiram’s, Pran and Prome
Non – Food Items
  Talcum powders and Cosmetic Cream.
Bath Soap, Detergent Soap and Detergent Powders